Noni juice – The Benefits on Your Heart

It’s become an alarming epidemic for almost sixty-two million Americans who currently experience at least one type of cardiovascular disease. The estimate are about one in five adults will suffer from and eventually be seriously stricken down by one form of heart disease. The statistics show fifty-million people are diagnosed with high-blood pressure and another twelve million have some form of heart disease causing over five million to eventually experience a life changing stroke.

The main cause is a result of poor diet, lack of exercise resulting in an alarming number of people, one in every 2.5 deaths to be attributed to cardiovascular disease and the ratio continues to grow as the number one killer in the United States.

Organizations like the American Heart Association have gone on the offensive in efforts to halt and even reduce the number of casualties to this deadly disease. Through public awareness about the associated risk factors and the things an individual can do in prevention. Yet, cardiovascular related deaths continue to increase in recent years. What’s disheartening is many of the disease that effects the heart can be prevented through regular exercise, a healthy diet and habits like not smoking.

Doing all the right things for a healthy lifestyle, many people are still at some risk for cardiovascular disease. It’s for this simple reason incorporating a natural dietary supplements like Noni juice can add to your health-maintenance strategy while reducing your risk of high-blood pressure, heart disease and even stroke.

When blood pressure rises, it’s a sign that the heart is having to pump harder and harder to move blood throughout the circulatory system. Some experts have concluded that high blood pressure is mainly due to the life style and diet of the individual. Untreated, high-blood pressure not only puts a heavy stress on the heart, but also weakens arteries causing them to become more prone to ruptures and cholesterol plaque buildup.

Nature provides us a solution that can be found in the food we consume, especially Noni juice. Over the past few decades, research on Noni’s chemical compounds and the effect they have in the body supports the regular use of the tropical fruit juice. One reason, Noni is an adaptogenic plant that has ability to balance many of the conditions in your body including it’s ability to regulate both high and low blood pressure without the side effects found in many prescription drugs.

Your body has it’s own arsenal to fight off the effects of elevated blood pressure by producing Nitric Oxide. Noni juice doesn’t contain it, but has been shown in clinical studies to promote the production in the body. One study at the University of Hawaii demonstrated Noni enhanced Nitric Oxide production and encouraged the opening of constricted blood vessels alleviating stress on arteries and the heart by relaxing the arteries walls.

Another compound found in Noni juice called Scopoletin is at the center of blood pressure regulating power in the body. Clinical research studies show that Scopoletin has an anti hypertensive effect throughout the body normalizing blood pressure.

Unique to Noni juice is a biochemical called proxeronine that is believed to enhance the production of xeronine in the body. Xeronine is known to normalize cellular reactions while encouraging proper cell function. Since harden artery walls are composed of damaged cells, xeronine may aid to reverse the disease before it becomes fatal. Taken daily, Noni could be used as a preventive strategy against high blood pressure since xeronine may help to keep the circulatory system healthy by first preventing cholesterol buildup.

Noni juice is a heart healthy supplement to your diet that can have a positive effect in your body, especially on the cardiovascular system.

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