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When the idea to start TRU NONI came to be in 2003, we did not have to look further than our own U.S. borders to find Noni fruit growing abundantly in the clean and unspoiled environment of the Hawaiian Islands.

At first, we also considered selling 100% pure Noni juice from Tahiti, since ancient Polynesians were the first to bring the Noni plant with them in their canoes as they colonized and made the Hawaiian Islands their new home. After long and careful evaluation of the two best locations from which Noni grows, we chose the Hawaiian Islands as the best place to source Noni juice for our customers.

Hawaii is our exclusive Noni fruit
source for three important reasons:

(1) to support American farmers and their families; (2) the certainty that Hawaii has a clean and pristine environment in which to grow Noni fruit; and (3) Dr. Heinicke’s original research was conducted using Noni fruit grown in the Hawaiian Islands.

noni kids on Oahu

In a time when many American workers’ jobs are being outsourced to foreign countries, we believe it is important to support the American farmers and their families who grow and harvest Noni fruit in this country. TRU NONI exclusively uses fresh-picked Hawaiian Noni fruit grown using organic farming methods. By choosing TRU NONI juice, you are helping to support American independent and family farmers on the North Shore of Oahu and on the Big Island of Hawaii who grow the Noni fruit.

sugar mill closing
The North Shore of Oahu is in an economic transition. The sugar mills that once supported the community over the last century have disappeared and now the pineapple industry is also declining due to the new global economy. The area has taken another economic hit from the eight-year decline of tourism intensified by the tragedy on 9/11. What the North Shore community has needed is an alternative to tourism that empowers the native Hawaiians to embrace their agricultural history.

TRU NONI is working with the Noni farmers through an innovative program called the “Community Harvest Program” that allows the local farmers to retain their cultural identity by growing Noni fruit on their property for a profit. Growing Noni trees has enabled the people to engage in a global economic exchange without losing their Hawaiian heritage.

nuclear testing in tahiti

In addition to the reasons stated above, we also decided against sourcing our Noni fruit from French Polynesia because of uncertainty as to the safety of the fruit. After extensive research into the history of the French Polynesian Islands, we learned the French government used the beautiful Polynesian Islands to test their nuclear weapons program for 30 years. Our uncertainty of the effects the detonation of 193 nuclear explosions had on the surrounding environment made Hawaii a clear choice as the exclusive source for our Noni fruit.

noni and pinapples

Finally, Dr. Heinicke, who is considered by some to be the grandfather of Noni research, began his early study of the Noni fruit while working at the Pineapple Research Institute of Hawaii in the early 1950's. His original research, to identify the medicinal properties in Noni fruit, began with Noni fruit grown in Hawaii.

After weighing all of these factors, we chose the Hawaiian Islands as our exclusive source for Noni fruit. Grown using organic farming methods in the rich Hawaiian volcanic soil, TRU NONI uses only fresh-picked Noni fruit. Processing of the fruit into juice is simple: the ripe fruit is pressed, gently pasteurized and then bottled in 32-ounce bottles sealing in all the freshness, taste and healthfulness of the fruit.


*These statements on the TRU NONI web site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.