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to the Hawaiian Islands.

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Morinda citrifolia (or as the Hawaiians named it, Noni) owes much of its distribution throughout the South Pacific Islands to the ancient Polynesian people who set-out from South East Asia in search of new islands to colonize.

noni double-hulledcanoe

These brave, sea-traveling Polynesians journeyed across thousands of miles of open ocean water in gigantic, double-hulled canoes to settle what is now known as the French Polynesian Islands.

Along with moving entire villages to new undiscovered islands, these explorers carried with them the most essential items necessary to sustain life during their journey, and for the future generations to come after them. These plants (called "canoe plants") were essential to meet their needs for food, fiber, building materials, and medicine. The Noni plant was one of them.

Historically, Noni fruit was known as the "Queen" of all canoe plants for its healthful properties, and was essential for establishing new villages. These early travelers must have thought Noni to be a precious and sacred cargo, as they had limited space in their canoes, yet made room to include Noni fruit for their journey.

In 400 A.D., Hawaii Loa, a Polynesian chief brought Noni as one of the canoe plants on the 2,400 mile journey from Tahiti to a new island chain that eventually took his name, Hawaii.

Elmer Drew Merrill

In modern times, the foremost contributor to the
taxonomy of the plants of the Far East, Elmer Drew Merrill (1876-1956) included the Noni plant in his published U.S. Military Survival guide written for soldiers based on tropical Polynesian islands during World War II. In his book, Merrill recommended Noni fruit to American GIs as an emergency food or to give them added sustenance.

It wasn't until the early 1950s that a renowned scientific researcher and biochemist would begin important research that would lead to the discovery of the healthful properties found in Noni. Learn more: How Noni Juice Works.

Over the past decade, Noni juice has gained popularity as an alternative medicine. Modern day scientific and medical communities have continued to study the plants and understand the healthful properties that were known and appreciated by the ancient healers.


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