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The healing effects of Noni in the body

The ancient Polynesians have known and passed up through the generations the healing power and effects Noni juice has in the body. They didn’t understand how Noni worked and attributed the effects on one of their many gods, but modern research has helped us to better understand Noni efficacy in the human body.

One possible explanation for Noni’s effectiveness throughout so many systems in the human body is its ability to generate nitric oxide (NO). Noni shouldn’t be confused with nitrous oxide or also know as laughing gas. Nitric oxide performs several important biological functions that Noni juice helps to stimulate throughout the body.

For example, nitric oxide production can help explain why many people who drink TRU NONI juice feel a sense of well-being as the neurotransmitters critical for good memory and a restful sleep are relaxed. In addition, nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessel walls making them more flexible. Blood vessels that become stiff and inflexible contributes to high blood pressure and over time develop sticky plaque in the arteries resulting in a heart attack or stroke.

Morindia citrifolia L. or as the Hawaiian’s named the fruit Noni also promotes new cell growth and aids the body to repair damaged cells. The average human body is made up of fifty-two trillion individual cells so its easy to understand after an accumulation of damaged cells that continue to reproduce themselves over time can result in damaged organs and other critical systems throughout the human body.

There are several theories why Noni juice in the human body can naturally aid the body repair and rebuild overall cell growth and even build them up to prevent future cell damage.

Noni juice contains a powerful combinations of antioxidants that defend the body from harmful “free radicals” that can ravage the cells creating sickness and disease. Free radicals are generated internally through our exposure to the environment and oxidation. This occurs when the chains of vital bio-chemicals in the body are broken down as a result of unpaired electrons.

This happens as the result of oxidation in the body as the radical electron of the broken chain speeds through the body as a free radical causing massive damage to the cells they come in contact and smash through in desperate search for that missing electron.

To prevent this seniero from happing from free radicals, the body must prevent oxidation with an oxidant that can only come from fruits and vegetables. The next step is to rebuild the damaged cells already effected by the out of control free radicals. Researchers in Hawaii have found Noni juice can help accomplish both in health maintenance and a powerful daily supplement to your food.

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